Vince began to draw randomly met people who happened to cross his path and, back in his studio, he began painting them. Whether it is on the metro or the bus, at the grocery store buying a pint of milk, at the garage or even when you are walking your dog early morning, no one can escape his gaze. We are all his muses.

Vince’s pieces are like a graphic novel, a look at a single frame, where the viewer is asked to create the story based on his own vision of the world. If the character seems simple and complex at the same time it’s because they carry that paradox that stimulates and tear them apart at once; in their daily banal routine and deprived from any interest, they feel faceless, lacking any sense of identity, personality or distinct traits. They are anonymous. The duality between who they should be - or want to be - and what they really are collides, the feeling of uneasiness hides behind a self-image striving to please everyone. This principle serves as the foundation to reflect the fragility of humans in Vince’s work.

The representation of this state of being, of this incongruous solitude in the face of an ever-growing environment, is inevitably represented by the ascetic pictorial environment of the painting. This ascetic lies in an abstract world where the characters are confined and where our attention is left on the edge of an emotion captured and shared in its own unique way by the viewer. This universe is built in such a way that it creates a common world, a world that resonates with the viewer’s own life experience and that acts as a open-arm invitation to individual interpretations. That way, the pieces are not only viewed as singles images, but rather as visuals propositions that trigger the viewer’s own perceptions, reflections and life interpretations.

Vince simply want to tell the story of a stranger who is immersed in its surrounding abstract universe, and relay the emotion in the most honest way possible. 

Over the past few years, Vince has been involved in various projects close to his heart, as a way to help move things. He has participated in fundraisers for : S.O.S Afrique, Ha-Haïtie, Le cabaret du cœur qui penche, Leucan, Artsida, La Maison Oxygène and Mandala Sitù.

Vince’s style caught the eye of Quebec author François Avard who hired him to illustrate his book Avard Chronique released in 2008.  In February 2010, his work made the front page of the 4th edition of the Decover magazine and in 2011, it appeared on the album cover from Trusted Waters. Then, demand for his work poured in and led to many television series appearances such as Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin, Casino, Toute la vérité and La Galère on Radio-Canada. His painting can also be seen in the film Le bonheur des autres from Jean-Philippe Pearson. 

Furthermore, Vince’s work is part of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s private collection, and in recent years, his canvasses have been featured in several collective and solo exhibitions in cosmopolitan cities such as Montreal, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Milan, Melbourne, New York, Shanghai, Paris and Miami.

After decades in Montreal, Vince’s studio is now in L'Assomption, Quebec